Environment under the control of competent professionals


       People in the course of life are making more and more tangible impacts on the environment. Therefore, for the sustainable development of ecosystems and the biosphere, environmental impact should not exceed a certain limit. It is necessary to carry out environmental protection measures and try to preserve the natural resources for future generations.

        So far, all the observations and environmental monitoring have been made in accordance with the Environmental Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan which has been in force since January 9, 2007. The Environmental Code  Section 5, Chapter 16 of Article 137, defines the concept of the State Environmental Monitoring as a complex system of observations of the state of the environment and natural resources, in order to assess, forecast and monitor changes in their condition caused by natural and anthropogenic factors.

       Objects of the state environmental monitoring are ambient air, soil, surface and ground water, minerals, flora and fauna, as well as the climate and the ozone layer of the Earth, environmental systems, impacts of the environment on human health.

Environmental monitoring includes the following:        

  • monitoring of ambient air,
  • monitoring of precipitation,
  • monitoring of water resources quality,
  • soil monitoring,
  • meteorological monitoring,
  • radiation monitoring,
  • monitoring of transboundary pollution,
  • monitoring of the background.

In addition to the environmental monitoring there is the natural resources monitoring, which includes the following:

  • land monitoring,
  • monitoring of water bodies and their use,
  • monitoring of mineral resources,
  • monitoring of protected areas,
  • monitoring of mountain ecosystems and desertification monitoring of forests,
  • wildlife monitoring and monitoring of plant world.

There are also special types of monitoring which include: monitoring of military test sites, monitoring of space-rocket complex "Baikonur", monitoring of greenhouse gases and ozone-depleting substances, sanitary and epidemiological surveillance, monitoring of climate and the ozone layer, monitoring of areas of environmental emergencies and environmental disasters, and space monitoring.

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